Manufacture Coconut-Shell Activated Carbon Shower Filter

Short Description:

Surface Finish: Chrome

Shell Material:  ABS

Cartridge : PP Cotton/Coconut-Shell Activated Carbon/Vitamin C

Water Flow : Bath/Shower Mixer≥1.5 GPM

Package : Color Box, Bubble Bag, Blister Packing, Customized

100% Testing : 24h Acid Salt Spray Corrosion Test, Pressure System Test

Customed Service: Laser Logo & Model Sticker For Free

Technical Support : 1. Installation instruction sheet in the box for free 2. Online installation instruction

OEM And ODM : Available

Place of Origin : Xuzhou, Jiangsu

  • Activated Carbon Level: 1200 mg/g
  • Size: 4.7*3.3 Inches
  • Weight: 263g (93g)
  • Bursting Pressure Testing: 3.8 Mpa
  • Working Pressure: 0.05-0.4 Mpa
  • Samples Delivery Time: 8-15 Days
  • Delivery Time: 20ft container is 30-45days;40ft container is 45-60 days.
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    Shower Filter

    The development trend of the future shower: Will customers worry that insufficient water will damage their skin and hair?
    Now that the chlorine in tap water has become a well-known factor that is harmful to health, more and more people are gradually buying and using shower filters consciously, but can products on the market achieve 100% dechlorination? In response to this problem, we have improved the old products and conducted countless experiments, and found that activated carbon and vitamin C are the best dechlorination substances, so this new type of 100% dechlorination filter came into being. We have optimized both the filter shell design and the filter cartridge design.
    High output universal shower filter dramatically reduces harmful unpleasant odors or impurities, relieves fatigue quickly, slows down aging, and makes your skin smoother. This shower filter water softener acts as a moisturizer, purifier, softens, and provides the best feeling for sensitive skin so you look better, feel cleaner & enjoy your skin.

    Chrome Shower Filter

    Wide Compatibility
    Universal 1/2" thread makes this multi-functional shower head filter well compatible with handheld shower head, fixed shower head, rainfall shower head, kitchen faucet, or other devices with the universal 1/2" connection thread.

    Vitamin C Activated Carbon Filter

    Mega Vit C, Activated Carbon
    Certified Vitamin C Activated Carbon stage filter system makes it specialized in removing chlorine, fluoride, bacteria or other sediments, etc. The Vitamin C shower filter keeps eczema, dry skin, and dandruff at bay. It can give your water all-round purification and give you the cleanest shower water.

    Electroplating Shower Filter
    Elements Washable
    This Shower Filter is easy to disassemble. A new generation of filter showers, it is detachable, easy to clean, and not easy to block. With an electroplating chrome finish, strong corrosion resistance.
    Product Paramenters
    Surface Finish
    Shell Material
    PP Cotton/Coconut-Shell Activated Carbon/Vitamin C
    Water Flow
    Bath/Shower Mixer≥1.5 GPM
    Color Box, Bubble Bag, Blister Packing, Customized
    100% Testing
    24h Acid Salt Spray Corrosion Test, Pressure System Test
    Customed Service
    Laser Logo & Model Sticker For Free
    Technical Support
    1. Installation instruction sheet in the box for free 2. Online installation instruction
    Activated Carbon Level
    1200mg/g Iodine Number Coconut-Shell
    4.7*3.3 Inches
    263g (93g)
    Bursting Pressure Testing
    3.8 Mpa
    Working Pressure
    0.05-0.4 Pressure
    Samples Delivery Time
    Delivery Time
    20ft container is 30-45days;40ft container is 45-60 days.
    Laser Logo
    OEM and ODM
    Brand Name
    Place of Origin
    Xuzhou, Jiangsu
    Vitamin C Shower Filter Cartridge
    -Long-Lasting Filter Cartridge-
    The filter will last at least 6000 liters of water use. 3-6 Months. According to the test results, it can achieve 100% dechlorination at the beginning of use and still retain about 35% dechlorination effect after filtering 6000L of water.
    Coconut-Shell Activated Carbon Filter
    -45g Activated Carbon-
    Making activated carbon into small granules can achieve a larger surface area. We use high-quality coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine value of 1200mg/g in this product. To expand the surface area and full contact with water, we further grind the particle size to 80 microns, so that it can truly achieve a 100% dechlorination effect. It's the massive surface area that allows active carbon filters to be very effective in adsorbing (essentially removing) contaminants and other substances. When the water flows through active carbon filters the chemicals stick to the carbon resulting in purer water output.
    Vitmain C Shower Filter
    -25g Vitamin C-
    Vitamin C has been widely used in commercial applications for neutralizing chlorine and chloramines in tap water and has been recognized as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and youthful-looking skin. VC filter material can be customized whether it has scents. Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your skin, eyes, and respiratory system while taking a shower, than from any other activity you do all day? With these vitamin c filters, you can remove up to 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramines from your shower water.

    After research and experimentation, it is found that in the multi-stage filter, VC and activated carbon play a pivotal role in dechlorination. Therefore, when designing this product, we reduced other filter materials and maximized the weight of VC and activated carbon, so that the dechlorination effect is getting better. Chlorine has a drying effect on hair and skin, and may also damage permed or color-treated hair. Filtering your shower water promotes better skin and hair due to reduced exposure to chlorine.

    Fits All Shower Types
    Why Choose us
    Chrome Shell Shower Filter
    UV Shower Filter Shell

    In terms of the filter shell, the shell of Xinpaez electroplating weighs 168g, whereas the other UV shells are 157g, electroplating filter shells are undoubtedly better in quality. In terms of outlooking, the purely electroplated shell will be cooler, and the UV shell will be warmer. The electroplated shell will be more textured. The price will also be higher.

    New Design Shower Filter
    Customized Packaging
    Customized Packaging
    Manufacturing Technique
    1 Spare Parts Warehouse

    Spare Parts Warehouse

    2 Materials Loading

    Raw Materials Loading

    3 Injection Molding_

    Injection Molding Machines

    4 Injection Molding (1)

    Injection Molding

    5 Injection Molding

    Injection Molding

    6 CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

    7 Assembling


    8 Salt Spray Tester

    Salt Spray Corrosion Testing

    9 Water Testing

    Water Testing

    10 Products Storage

    Products Storage

    11 Blister Packing

    Blister Packing

    13 Laser Marking

    Laser Marking

    About Us
    Xuzhou Xinpaez Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Established in 2010, is a Manufacturer & Trading company. specializing in Production & Sales of shower heads, shower filters, shower filter cartridges, shower hoses, tap water purifiers, etc. We have advanced equipment, professional technology, and strict production quality management. "Nothing to Offer But Pure Water" is our core value, putting customer demand as the center, and we are able to bring you satisfactory service with our unremitting efforts. OEM service is recommended here. Not only a small element of the product but also the outer packaging, we provide a full set of customized one-stop services. Meanwhile, we got certificates ROHS, Reach, MSDS, SGS, etc. Since the company's products launched on the market, they have been praised by users unanimously. Currently, we got 10 production lines, which can reach a production capacity of 2 million PP cotton filter core per month when they are operating at the same time. Now the company’s PP cotton, Aroma vitamin products, and hand showers have formed a troika driving the company forward. According to your needs, we can customize a variety of specifications of products. We have our independent Quality Control Team to ensure the quality of the products. Integrity has always been put on the first role when we doing business, we win by the quality of our products. We are looking forward to having you with us.

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