New Technology Aroma Vitamin C Shower FIlter

Short Description:

 6 AROMA Scents  – Help you relax your tired body and stressed mind

Skin & Hair ENHANCEMENT – improves moisturization, recovery, whitening, and elasticity of the skin

High-enriched VITAMIN C – Vitamin ingredient from vitamin gel will removes 99.9% residual chlorine and Have an antioxidation effect and supply vitamin to your skin

Effective FILTER -  It removes rust & harmful substances from tap water effectively

  • Manufacturer: Xinpaez
  • Dimensions: 133*46 MM
  • Weight: 144g
  • MOQ: 50 Piece
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate(PC)
  • Feature: Aroma Vitamin C
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    "Transparent Metal" Shell
    Talking about the Filter Shell Material, Comparing PC with ABS, PC is the best impact-resistant plastic. PC belongs to engineering plastics with high price, but PC has excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties, especially impact resistance, high toughness, wide operating temperature range (-100~130℃) and high transparency (known as "Transparent metal"), non-toxic, easy to process and shape. It can not only replace some metals, but also glass, wood, etc. PC is not resistant to hydrolysis, PC heat resistance is about 130, ABS heat resistance 80 degrees, the overall performance of PC is better.

    Whiten your skin!
    Vitamin C is used in shower filter, because it can resist ultraviolet rays to some extent, improve the condition of dark spots and freckles, so it has whitening effect. Skin care products rich in vitamin C can help skin resist ultraviolet rays in summer, promote skin metabolism, and avoid dark spots and pigment spots. In winter, it can improve the dullness of poor blood circulation in the skin, so that you can also be white and shiny in winter.

    After taking a shower with this filter, your face feels slippery and your skin feels translucent. The skin's moisture content will increase significantly after use.

    aroma replaceable filter

    Replaceable Filter
    1.Contains massive vitamin C, 45000mg,which is 800 times of lemons'. Once water came in, it will give massive virtamin C. Obviously Removing chlorine.
    2.Moisturizing effect gives you a smooth, gentle and moisture skin.
    3. Reduce stress and fatigue.

    Removing Chlorine

    Chlorine removing is necessary
    The residual chlorine in the tap water is easily emitted from the air during the bath and remains in the airtight bathroom. Bathing for ten minutes is like drinking 1L of water. The fact is that the amount of chlorine absorbed from the air during the bath is more than that of the drinking.


    How Vitamin C Works?
    It is Neutralization method. Vitamin C is a chemical with reducibility so it can be neutralized with chlorine. Vitamin C can reduce Cl2 to Cl-, which is oxidized into oxidizing vitamin C by itself. This reaction must be carried out in water, and the effect is not good in solid state.


    Replaceable Filter
    The filter core inside the shell can be replaced. When the filter core is used up, we only need to replace the filter core. Somehow, we can save a lot of money and energy. How often should we replace it? Well, it depends. Generally speaking, one filter element can provide a purification of 6000L water, which can be used for a family of five to take bath for about one month.

    OEM Available
    This Model is the our main dish produced in our factory. We got label but we did not attach it. Because we provide OEM on this one, including a full range of customization. We show a prototype, and the rest of the space is left to your thoughts, Logo, filter element and shell, everything is customizable. If you have no idea, we have our own design team to advise you, of course we also have the stock also, please place an order if you like. Currently we got MSDS and SGS certificates on this model showing below. Thank u for your patience,as you have reached here. ^^

    Model Num
    133*46 mm
    Removing Chlorine

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