New Technology ceramic mineral handheld shower head with filter

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Abs Resin Spa luxury shower head with 2 filter built in, please enjoy your spa time!

Titanium Plate - applied Titanium alloy plate gives much wider water stream than flat plate

Calcium sulfite Disk Filter - calcium sulfite antibacterial skin care filter element

Bacteriostatic ACF activated carbon - Activated carbon fiber dechlorination | Inorganic silver antibacterial

  • Filter Traffic: 5-7L
  • Working Pressure: 0.1-0.5MPA
  • Effective Water Purification: 12000L
  • Body Material: ABS Resin
  • Filter Material: Activated Carbon/ Calcium sulfite
  • Weight: 310g
  • Dimensions: 285*100 MM
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    spa shower head
    Filter Traffic
    Working Pressure
    Effective Water Purification
    Body Material
    ABS Resin
    Filter Material 
    Activated Carbon, Calcium sulfite
    285*100 MM
    filter elements hand shower

    Upgraded technology- Titanium Curved

    plate applied Curved plate gives much wider water stream than flat plate. Wider size head -Curved plate gives you refreshing feeling and abundant water stream.


    ①Non-woven Fabrics From Japan

    Dense non-woven fabrics, Ultra-fine filtering pores, Directly filter the large sediment impurities

    ②ACF(activated carbon fiber)filter

    The combination of adsorption precision filtration and food-grade plant binder ensures the adsorption

    efficiency of ACF, effectively filtering out chlorine in water and improving the water scents.

    Bacteriostatic ACF activated carbon

    Activated carbon fiber dechlorination | Inorganic silver antibacterial
    Activated carbon fiber, adsorption-type precision filtration, 2500m2/g surtace area, equivalent to 5 times the purification effect of activated carbon, quickly and effectively filter out harmful substances such as residual chlorine and organic matter in tap water, greatly improve the skin's moisturizing effect and relieve various skin problems. At the same time, activated carbon fiber is also added with inorganic silver-based antibacterial materials, which effectively inhibits common harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria while removing chlorine, ensuring the purity and health of the effluent, and solving the pain point that the residual water is likely to accumulate bacteria after dechlorination.
    shower head elements

    Calcium sulfite Disk Filter

    Calcium sulfite filter element, calcium sulfite antibacterial skin care filter element is extracted from natural volcanic rock. It is made of natural raw materials such as calcium sulfite through special characteristics ratio and rapid process. It is a high-tech water treatment with biological and physical technology The product has the characteristics of softening the water quality, adjusting the pH value of the water, antibacterial, anti-mildew, and high temperature resistance, and can promote blood circulation.
    Spa shower head

    Purification effect

    * Remove pesticides, chemicals and other organic and inorganic pollutants;
    * Remove odor, smell and turbidity in water;
    * Remove heavy metals such as rust;
    * Increased Negative oxygen ions in the bathroom;
    * Make the water soft, smooth and clear;
    * Reduce 99% of residual chlorine in water;
    * Soften water quality
    Utility after use

    * Relieve inflammation skin
    * Reduce acne on the body
    * Smooth skin, remove itching and dryness;
    * Prevent split ends and hair loss

    Installation Instructions


    After Sales Reminder

    Expiry date of the filter:The ACF filter : 6-8 months of use

    Amino acid scale inhibitor filter : in 3-4 months. (Different water quality will increase or decrease in different regions)

    If the shower does not produce water or the water becomes obviously small.

    Please replace the filter in time.

    Product Packaging

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