Can the skin-beautifying shower really Work?


When it comes to beauty and skincare, we will think of skincare products, beauty equipment, etc. to help us achieve various skin beautification purposes. In recent years, filter showers have gradually become popular, saying that you can make your skin beautiful after taking a bath! So how many effects of this shower, is it that amazing? Now I compiled several types of filter showers that are currently popular in the market, hoping to help everyone pay less IQ tax~

 1. Filtered water shower

 The most common type of beauty shower on the market is the filtered shower. The water quality is optimized through the filter element at the handle, mainly for harmful substances such as rust and residual chlorine in the water. The water quality becomes better, and it is naturally healthier and more comfortable to clean the skin. Therefore, the filter-type shower is indeed good for protecting the skin, but it should be noted that the filter element should be replaced in time, otherwise the filter element is easy to breed bacteria, which is harmful to the health of the skin.

 2. Dimension C filter shower head

Similar to the filtered water purifying shower, the water purifying effect is achieved by placing a vitamin C slow-release filter element on the handle of the shower. But many buyers mistakenly think that this vitamin C shower can whiten skin. It is not exactly! This kind of vitamin C is difficult to be absorbed by the body through the skin… But vitamin C can effectively remove the residual chlorine in tap water that is harmful to the skin. In this regard, the vitamin C shower will still play a protective effect on the skin, but also pay attention to replace the filter element in time~

 3. Micro-bubble beauty shower

 Micro-bubble showers can be said to be the most technologically advanced category of all beauty showers! Because microbubbles use the principle of fluid mechanics to produce a large number of micro-and nano-sized bubbles with a diameter of fewer than 50 microns in the water, without the use of other agents, the structure design of the shower must be very precise, so the microbubble flowers on the market The prices of sprinkles are generally high. However, the effects of microbubbles on the skin are also multifaceted. First of all, microbubbles are smaller than pores and can absorb dirt, aging cutin, and cosmetic residues in the pores. The cleansing power is very good! It is said that taking a shower with micro-bubble showers can save you the trouble of bathing~ Secondly, because micro-bubble water has a much better penetration power than ordinary water, it can moisturize the skin more deeply. If you insist on using it, the moisturizing effect of the skin will be great. improve. Besides, the microbubbles also have the functions of sterilization and negative ions, which are considered as a kind of shower with more complete functions, and are especially suitable for babies.

 4. Aromatherapy shower

 Aromatherapy showers can also be regarded as a type of showers with relatively high heat in recent years. The aromatherapy shower allows you to enjoy a variety of scents you like while taking a bath, making your body and mind more pleasant and relaxing. But a question that we need to pay attention to is the source of this aromatherapy ingredient safe enough! Some black-hearted businesses use cheap synthetic fragrances as raw materials for aromatherapy. Synthetic fragrances will not have any benefits to the skin, but can also easily cause headaches, rashes, skin pigmentation, allergies, and other problems… Friends must look at the ingredient list of fragrances when shopping!

When choosing the above various Skin-beautifying showers, we must understand its technical principles and whether the manufacturer is regular, otherwise, it will not only have the effect of beautifying the skin but will harm our skin and health!

Post time: Dec-08-2020