Replace the “filter element” of the water purifier in your home. Remember to come back and drink “clean water”!

Now people's living conditions are getting better and better, and they have begun to pursue the quality of life. Regardless of whether you eat, drink or use in life, you need to be healthy, and if necessary, you will use some machines to help, so that you can ensure that daily necessities are safe and healthy.


Water is an indispensable thing in our lives, and now more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the safety of water use. In general, the water in our homes is transported by water plants through pipes. This kind of water is disinfected and sterilized, but some sterilizing gases or substances will remain in the water, and there will be rust in the water pipes. Shedding, and thus will enter our lives along the pipeline and water flow.

It is also for these reasons that many households are now installing water purifiers to help purify water resources. Because the water purifier contains a filter element, it can absorb most of the impurities and bacteria in the tap water, so that the water resources treated by the water purifier will be safer and cleaner for drinking or cooking. However, because the filter element is used for filtration, the filter element also needs to be replaced. How often should it be replaced?

Nowadays, the types of water purifiers on the market are different, and the natural use of filter elements is also different, and the price of each type of filter replacement is also very different. Huahua today tells you how often to replace the three types of filter elements on the market. health!

1. Activated carbon filter

We all know that activated carbon is a substance with strong adsorption, so many manufacturers of water purifiers use it as the main material of water purifier filter. In general, when activated carbon is used as a filter element, it must be divided into pre-activated carbon and post-activated carbon, so that the two levels can be used together to absorb excess odor and chlorine in water resources. However, the activated carbon will also be saturated after long-term use, and it usually needs to be replaced every six months to one year.

2.PP cotton

PP cotton is a kind of thing that filters large particles in water, like what kind of sediment and metal impurities can rely on it to block outside the door. It is equivalent to a gauze, wrapped around the pipe to help filter debris, because the things it filters are relatively large, so the service life will be shorter than the incoming water, about 4 months to be carried out Replaced.

3. Ultrafiltration membrane

When you hear the name of ultrafiltration membrane, you should know that the volume of what it filters is generally relatively small. After it is filtered, the tap water can be completely transformed into pure water. Due to its low filtering quality, the replacement time will naturally be longer, generally only once every 2 years.

When the water purifier is used, the most important thing is to count the filter element, so we need to replace and clean it in time, so as to ensure that we can drink clean water every time!

Post time: Jul-09-2020