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Every girl must spend a lot of time on beauty and skincare. The various skincare products on the dressing table are the best proof. In the long-lasting project of beauty and skincare, as more and more people pay attention to wash water, related products have begun to come out. Among them, the more popular is the SPA shower.
What is a SPA shower?

The beauty shower is a shower with a filtering function and VC fragrance. Compared with the shower, it has the function of filtering the sand and rust in the water and removing residual chlorine. At the same time, the added VC fragrance has different fragrances. Type selection, it can also moisturize and moisturize during the fragrant shower, and it will have a whitening function after long-term use.

Therefore, there have been many doubts about the beauty shower. Is it really good for beauty and skincare, or is it simply an IQ tax?
Is the skin-beautifying shower useful?

The beauty shower has two main functions: one is to remove chlorine and the other is to moisturize. If you can really do both, then it will indeed have the function of beauty and skincare. Needless to say, the significance of moisturizing in skincare is not to say. Chlorine removal is mainly because the residual chlorine in the tap water will be absorbed by the skin during the bathing process, which will have a negative impact on health, and it will also harm the skin and hair quality.
The dechlorination effect comes from the filter element in the skin-beautifying shower. Whether it is effective or not depends on the filter element itself. Because of the uneven quality of the filter element, the price of the skin beautifying shower on the market is also different.

At present, in the water purification industry, activated carbon is mostly used for chlorine removal, and among the activated carbon, coconut shell-activated carbon has the most adsorption effect. Therefore, if the filter element in the beautiful shower uses coconut shell-activated carbon, the filtering effect will be better.
An activated carbon-based filter element can also allow the beauty shower to have the function of dechlorination, and when combined with a piece of non-woven fabric, mud, sand, and rust can also be blocked. However, it should be noted that the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will gradually become saturated, so to ensure the dechlorination effect of the beautifying shower, the filter element must be replaced in time.
The moisturizing effect comes from the VC fragrance in the skin beautifying shower, adding plant essence, which can make the bathwater fragrant, and is rich in vitamin C, and has a certain moisturizing and moisturizing effect. Girls all know that VC is the handle of the skin care industry. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, hinder the production of melanin, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, improve skin dullness, and promote collagen production...
The good-quality skin-beautifying shower on the market can also be confirmed through experimental data that it does have a moisturizing effect.
In fact, the skin beautifying shower can indeed achieve the effect of beautifying the skin to a certain extent, but this is also based on the fact that the selected product is reliable, and it is necessary to pay attention to replacing the filter element in time.

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Post time: Jun-29-2021