The Entry-level Maintenance Method Of The Water Purifier

   Although people are paying more and more attention to drinking water health, many people have installed various types of water purifiers for their families , but the concept of maintenance and maintenance of water purifiers is still very weak, thinking that as long as they buy it and install it, it will be done once and for all. In fact, water purifiers to distinguish it from other household appliances , then buy it back still want to be concerned about the use of time, we need our care. The following editor will share with you the experience of maintaining the water purifier:

  1. Replace the filter element in time
  Everyone knows that the “soul” and “core” component of the water purifier is the filter element. However, I found that many people do not understand that the filter element needs to be replaced regularly and how long the replacement cycle is. Our household water purifiers are generally composite integrated water purifiers, so there is more than one filter element inside, usually 4-7 different filter elements. Different filter elements have different material effects, so their replacement cycle is also different, which requires our attention.
  Regularly check and replace the filter element. Now many water purifiers can intelligently monitor the use of the filter element, and will remind us in advance to replace it; but if the water purifier you use does not have such a function, you should contact the appropriate person in time to understand it clearly.
  2. Flush regularly
  Note that the filter element is replaced regularly, and the inside of the water purifier needs to be flushed regularly. In fact, this is similar to the previous point. Only by ensuring that the inside of the machine is clean and sterile can you be assured of drinking water. If the frequency of use is high, the editor recommends flushing once a day; if the frequency of use is low, it can be done once a week.
  3. Install the pre-filter
  Water purifiers and pre-filters are two different things, don’t confuse it! Although the main function of the two is to filter and purify the water, the degree of purification and the installation location are quite different. We can compare the pre-filter to the “forward”, which is generally installed in front of the main valve of the water pipe. It will block and filter most of the large particles for the water purifier. Therefore, the advantage of the installed pre-filter is that it can increase the service life of the first-stage filter PP cotton filter element in the water purifier, reduce the frequency of replacement, and save a cost.

  4. Correctly dispose of the water purifier after the water is stopped
  If you encounter water cuts in the community, travel, business trips, etc., you need to turn off the water purifier first, and then turn on the faucet when the water comes in or is used, and wait until the sewage, cement, sand, and rust in the water pipes are drained. Open the water purifier to prevent clogging of the filter element.
  5. Avoid moving the vibration water purifier
  After the water purifier is installed, try not to move the water purifier, and be careful not to shake it easily. Because the internal parts and the positions of the components are strictly in accordance with certain standards, if there is an external force impact, it may cause the loosening of the components, thereby affecting the use of the machine.

Post time: Mar-10-2021