PP Shower Filter Core Replacement. Is it feasible to continue to use it?

The filter element of the home-installed water purifier is changed frequently. Can I wash it and continue to use it? This is not good!

 for the safety of water usage in general, We believe that many households have installed water purifiers. The tap water flows out after being purified by the water purifier and is filtered to make the water quality much cleaner. The tap water can be purified, to a large extent, the credit for the filter element. One by one filter elements purify the water source, and finally the filter element blocks impurities.

Because of this, the filter element will become dirty after a long time of use, and it will lose the function of purifying water. By this time, the filter element needs to be replaced to continue to use the water purifier. After using the water purifier, many friends have mentioned a problem, that is, the cost of using a water purifier to replace the filter element will soon exceed the price of a water purifier.

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In fact, this is the case. The price of a water purifier is about several thousand pieces. However, a water purifier has several filter elements, some dozens of filter elements, and some hundreds of filter elements, and some filter elements take several months. It needs to be replaced once every six months or once a year. The cost of the filter element plus the on-site cost of replacing the filter element is indeed relatively high.

Some friends have suggested that since it is so expensive to change the filter element, can you take it out and wash it by yourself and then use it? Wash it with water and put it back in again, will it affect the use?

First of all, the structure of the filter element is not as simple as we think. The filter element is divided into various materials for filtering various large and small impurities. We take out the filter element, and all we can do is rinse the surface of the filter element with water. It is indeed possible to wash away some impurities, but it has little effect.

The new filter element is generally white in appearance, and it may become black or brown after using for a period of time. This is the adsorption of some impurities. These things can not be rinsed only by washing with water. Even if the surface is clean, the filtering effect is not necessarily It can be guaranteed that everyone buys water purifiers to make the water source cleaner, and replaces the unclean filter element. In fact, it is still polluting the water source.

Therefore, for health and safety considerations, you should not delay replacing the filter element and clean the filter element yourself. Reasonable use of the filter element can make the water purifier truly purify. The style of the water purifier has also undergone major changes. Some water purifiers have simpler replacement of the filter element. You can buy the filter element yourself to replace it. There are also new materials that have been used for a long time. If you don’t want to change the filter element frequently, You can also replace the old-fashioned water purifier in your home with a convenient one.

Post time: Jul-09-2020