The key to taking a bath in the shower!

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What kind of life do "community animals" live every day? People who have not experienced it may never understand.

Every day from nine to five, squeezing the bus and subway to work, tortured by endless work and extremely picky bosses all day long. Fortunately, contemporary "community animals" have a shower room and take a hot bath every day when they come home. The exhaustion after a day of work can be completely washed away in minutes. However, the prerequisite for a comfortable shower is that you have to have a powerful shower...Today Xiao Ai will talk to you about the shower...
The key to taking a bath is in the shower!

1. Installation form of shower head

Common showers can generally be divided into two types: exposed installation and concealed installation.

Among them, the exposed shower is the most common. Its pipe is installed outside the wall. The advantage is that it is easy to install and easy to repair. But at the same time, this kind of shower also takes up more space and has relatively poor aesthetics.
The other is called a concealed shower. As the name suggests, the pipe of this shower is hidden inside the wall. From the outside, only the head and switch of the shower can be seen.

Compared with exposed showers, concealed showers do not take up too much space and have relatively better aesthetics. However, because of the need to hide the pipeline, its construction is relatively difficult, and it is more inconvenient to repair after problems occur.

2. The concealed installation strategy of the shower

Since the construction of concealed showers is relatively difficult, some key details should be paid attention to when decorating. The following Xiao Ai will give you specific details.

The installation of the concealed shower is generally divided into two parts: the top spray and the side spray.
The construction of the overhead shower is not difficult, as long as the size of the shower is determined before the water and electricity, wiring and pre-embedded concealed boxes are enough.

The construction difficulty of the concealed shower is relatively high, and it needs to be equipped with a built-in box and multiple valve cores to match the water outlet method, and its use comfort is higher than that of the overhead shower.

Since the construction of the concealed shower is difficult and the maintenance is relatively inconvenient, the following key details must be paid attention to when decorating:
1. The installation of the concealed shower has requirements for the wall, and it must be a light wall, otherwise the wiring cannot be realized;

2. The distance between the mixing valve and the ground needs to be controlled at about 90~100cm, and the specific height can be fine-tuned according to the actual situation.

3. The concealed shower cannot be moved, so its specific location needs to be determined before installation.

4. Concealed showers need to be pre-embedded in the hydropower stage, and require high construction technology. Not all hydropower masters can install them. It is recommended to buy the real thing before the hydropower is carried out at the latest, and wire it against the slot.

What details should I pay attention to when purchasing a shower?

After talking about the installation of the shower head, let's take a look at how to buy the shower head. A good shower can effectively improve the comfort of bathing. In addition to observing the water output, we generally need to pay attention to the following 9 indicators:

1. Appearance;

Considering the appearance of the shower, we focus on the details of hand-held comfort, material, and electroplating. Hand-held comfort mainly depends on the size of the shower and whether the handle is suitable for the hand. Secondly, consider whether the electroplating material and workmanship are exquisite.

2. Weight;

When taking a shower, the weight of the shower is equal to its weight plus the weight of water, so when choosing a handheld shower, you need to pay attention to whether it is hard to hold in your hand.
3. Water outlet mode;

To provide a different experience when taking a bath, the current showers can generally switch to a centralized water outlet mode. Different water outlet modes are benchmarked against different people and are suitable for different scenarios. However, it is recommended that you do not blindly pursue water outlet modes when purchasing. Usually, 2-3 types can meet the needs of most people.

4. Pay attention to whether there is air injection;

Unlike other brand showers, high-end showers on the market are generally equipped with air injection technology as standard. The application of this technology can effectively expand the contact area between water droplets and the body, allowing users to fully enjoy the rain shower experience, and greatly improve the comfort of bathing.

5. With or without supercharging function;

Residents who live in old quarters and high-rise buildings are easily affected by water pressure. Pay special attention to this indicator when choosing showers.

6. Water-saving effect;

The water-saving effect of the shower generally depends on several indicators such as the number of water outlets, whether a water-saving valve is used, and whether the diffusion surface is large enough. During the test, the time it takes to fill a basin of water can be calculated. The longer the shower, the more water will be saved.

7. Convenience of cleaning;

If the water quality is not good, the shower will accumulate scale when used for a long time, which will affect the service life. When buying a shower, you need to pay attention to whether the water outlet has a protruding silicone spout, which can be cleaned by squeezing it with your fingers. Besides, some high-end showers also come with a function of descaling.

8. See the water diffusion surface;

This indicator is directly related to whether the bath is comfortable or not. The larger the spreading surface of the water, the wider the contact area between the water flow and the body, and the better the shower experience. On the contrary, the water flow is concentrated, which not only reduces the comfort of bathing but also wastes the water source. To test the water diffusion surface, you can keep the shower at a certain height and observe the diameter of the water spray. The larger the water diffusion surface, the larger the water diffusion surface.

9. Look at the price;

After comprehensively considering the above indicators, the price of the shower must be considered final. The price of the shower ranges from low-end to high-end, ranging from dozens of yuan to thousands of yuan. You can choose the one that suits you according to your budget and needs. Don't blindly follow the trend. After all, in the final analysis, the function is the most important.

Post time: Dec-21-2020