What should I do if the shower head is blocked?

What should I do if the shower head is blocked? Teach you a few tricks, simple and practical

I believe that all of us have shower heads at home. Shower heads are an indispensable part of our lives. Normally the shower head will not be blocked. But the most embarrassing thing for us is what should we do if your shower is blocked when you take a bath? I will solve it with you in the following editor, there is no need to buy it again, and there is no need to throw it away.

1. Use white vinegar to soak
What should we do if you find that your shower head is clogged or clogged up a lot while taking a bath? Don’t worry, we just need to soak it in white vinegar. Just pour the vinegar on the head of your spraying head, but we must all pay attention to removing the spraying head, soak it for about ten minutes and then we use the toothbrush Brush, and finally rinse with clean water. The method is still very simple, and it is also very practical. The same sprayed flowers are the same. This is something we all must pay attention to.

2. Use lubricant
If the shower is rusted and clogging is very serious, then we can use the anti-lubricant at this time. This is very effective. We all know that this lubricant has very good permeability and can leave behind. A protective film can prevent rusty coating from rusting. Although it is not long-lasting, the effect is still very powerful. If there is still such a rusty blockage at home, you can use a lubricant.

3. Use a needle to puncture carefully
If some of the small holes in the shower in your house are blocked, the first thing we think of is to let the water out first, and see that the holes are blocked. Then you have to turn on the shower head of the shower and see that there are many small holes on the shower head like a shower head, then this is the easiest place to get water. Then we first prepare a needle and then use the needle to pierce the impurities in the perforation with the small hole that we just saw without water, until there are no impurities in the hole. This method is the most straightforward, but be careful to puncture the shower hole.

All of us here must also pay attention to:
1. The temperature of the shower nozzle should not exceed 70 degrees and there is ultraviolet light. This is what we must know. If it exceeds, it will extend its life. There is also a principle of an electrical heat source when installing.
2. We must be careful when using acupuncture. It cannot be fast or forceful. If you are careful, it will extend the life of the shower head.
3. There is time to use the shower spray bath. We can choose whether to replace it with a new one according to the age of the spray bath. If it is used for too long, it will affect the health of the skin.
4. After each shower, we can use a towel to scrub the outside mouth, which can prevent the remaining drains and prevent rust.
Well, the above is the solution to the clogged shower head in the editor. If there is a blockage in your house, please follow the method. It is both simple and practical.

Post time: Jan-08-2021