Why does it feel slippery when I bathe in soft water?

After installing the whole house water purification system, many friends use soft water when bathing. However, because most people use it for the first time, they always feel slippery after use, as if they have not been cleaned. What is the reason?
First, what is soft water?
Generally speaking, the water after the calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the raw water is called soft water.
Therefore, we call the hard water that has not been removed.
Soft water is not easy to produce scum with soap, while hard water is the opposite.
Why do I always feel slippery when I bathe in soft water as if I haven’t washed it clean?
Second, the role of soft water
1. White and tender skin
Pure and pollution-free soft water is a good product for women’s beauty. Soft water bathing can not only remove the keratin in the pores, but also make the skin smooth and tender, and has a good moisturizing effect. It is the best way to keep the skin white and tender.
2, the hair is soft
After taking a bath with soft water, your hair will be softer and brighter, no longer dry and astringent, making you happy.
3. The clothes are as new
The rich foam of soft water laundry will help keep the clothes in their original state, and the clothes will become more fluffy, brighter, brighter, whiter, and durable.
Why do I always feel slippery when I bathe in soft water as if I haven’t washed it clean?
4. Beautiful environment
The face towels no longer turn black and hard. Soft water wash tableware, tea set crystal clear. The washbasin and bathtub are as bright as new, without stains and spots. Concealed pipes are not easy to block.
5. Household equipment does not scale
Soft water can make toilets, sinks, and bathtubs no longer yellow and dirty, and produce peculiar smells. There is no white scale on the small holes of the shower nozzle, and the water flows smoothly.
Soft water can greatly reduce the maintenance times of related household equipment such as wall-hung boilers or water heaters, more than double the service life of water heaters, reduce water heater gas and electricity costs by 29% to 32%, and the water pipes installed in the internal walls of the home will not scale or block.

 Why does it feel slippery after bathing, as if it was not cleaned?
1. It is right to feel slippery
Some friends have always used municipal water with relatively high hardness for bathing. The first time you use soft water, you will feel slippery and not clean. If you don’t use soap, you will feel slippery on your body. This feeling is not unclean, but it is the skin. And the hair is completely rinsed out.
The reason is: rinsing with soft water can protect the skin and hair from soap scum and add natural moisture to make the skin smoother. This slippery feeling indicates that the water softener is working, but I am used to hard water for the first time. Not quite used to it.
2. This is truly clean
Usually, after washing with tap water, we feel dry and dry on our hands. I thought it was a foam wash, but it was not.
The reason is that the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are not removed and left on the hands, and the calcium and magnesium ions are blocked in the pores, and there is a non-slip feeling. Dry your hands, calcium, and magnesium ions will also absorb the moisture on your hands. Therefore, if you don’t apply hand cream, you will feel very dry.
After using the water softener, the calcium and magnesium ions are removed, the skin no longer has calcium and magnesium ions, the foam is washed out, the hands are also slippery, and the hands will not dry without applying skincare products.

Post time: Dec-15-2020